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Small Business Success – NO MORE EXCUSES!

Small Business Success – NO MORE EXCUSES!

As a digital marketing coach I have heard every possible excuse as to why people can’t start a small business or can’t improve the profitability of a small business.   With the power of internet marketing building a profitable business has never been easier!  Attraction marketing has completely revolutionized this industry and people still find excuses on why they can’t be successful in their industry.

One of the most common excuses that I hear is, “I don’t have the skills or knowledge to start a blog.”  If you know anything about online marketing it is critical to have a blog for you business.  Your blog is the engine that runs your marketing car and without a blog it will be very challenging to attract targeted leads to your small business.

Online Marketing Just Got Easier!

When someone drops the “I don’t have the skills or knowledge to start a blog” excuse on me I quickly respond with, “GREAT!  You don’t need to know how!”  The first thing I do is tell them about WordPress and show them some of the great blogs already online that don’t necessarily have great writers but do have an understanding of what interests online readers and that is everything and more that a newbie marketer needs to get started in the right direction.

Within minutes of setting up a WordPress blog you can be reaching people – and that is incredibly powerful.  There are currently millions of people using this platform to blog.  This is powerful because you can blog using specific keywords and these keywords will rank much, much faster than if you were trying to rank them with a blog on any other platform.

In addition to getting a complete blogging system you also get a website that can use a range of free themes to get a layout and design that suits your topics. 

A Blog Supplements Your Primary Business

You should not look at the blog as your primary business.  This blogging platform should be used to build your value and to position you as a leader in your industry. 

It is awesome having a resource such as WordPress available for the people that are really self-motivated and want to start blogging.  Again, there ARE NO MORE EXCUSES as to why you cannot blog daily and build an online business. 

Mark my words….if you start blogging seriously by the end of a year your business will be making serious amounts of money.

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