Low Competition Equals Business Success

People start their own companies, such as an SEO consultancy, because they see the big picture and they have a dream of achieving success.  Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals are looking for a handout and do not understand that building a successful business takes effort.  As with anything else in life worth achieving, you need to work incredibly hard if you want to see results.

It’s Easy to Achieve Business Success

It’s easy because there is not a lot of competition.  95% of the people who start a small business lose interest within the first few months because they are not seeing results.  For some reason they expect thousands of dollars to be flowing into their bank account after talking to 3 people about their product or service.  They call me all the time asking “how were you able to achieve success?”  The answer is simple, I worked my butt off and became a leader in my industry.

It’s the 5% of individuals that invest their time in training, attraction marketing and building their business that will be successful.  These individuals DO NOT care if they miss their favorite television show or Monday Night Football because they have a vision. They have a vision of financial freedom.  They have a vision of traveling the world and living life to the fullest.  They will not let any distractions or any negative forces get in the way of making this vision reality.

They understand that it takes time to build a business.  If you were to open a small business in your neighborhood do you expect that you would be successful overnight?  Absolutely not!  You need to properly market your business and learn new methods to get people in the door.  Building a successful online business is no different.

If 95% of the individuals expect their businesses to magically grow, the other 5% have little to no competition.  These are the individuals that will build massive income for themselves and their families.

Use Attraction Marketing To Build Online Success

The 5% of new businesses that are successful are those that understand attraction marketing and how to properly build an online business.  They are a leader and they attract prospects to them.  Ask any successful business owner if they have leads contacting them and I guarantee the answer is “yes.”

People are looking for leaders.  They are looking for individuals with confidence that can help them in some way.  They are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated people that know what hard work it takes to achieve business success.  If you are able to position yourself as a “leader” you will see results.  The formula to success is quite simple:  Be a leader, attract like-minded individuals and be a part of the 5% that enjoys tremendous amounts of income.

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