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Whether you are leading a small team on a small project or heading up a large department, leadership needs to morph and change in response to a range of internal and external factors. It is essential you keep pace with change which is why leadership podcasts should be at the top of your list.

Having your finger on the pulse of leadership challenges and opportunities means the way you respond as a leader is appropriate but also forward-thinking. Podcasts allow you to access information and ideas when you are either on the go or relaxing. But which podcasts are the go-to for leaders?

1 Leadership & Loyalty

For anyone taking their first tentative steps into leadership, this is a must-listen. Hosted by strategist and author Dov Baron, the range of topics linked to leadership make this a podcast you’ll listen to time and again.

Tapping into the expertise of guests from across a range of industries, Leadership & Loyalty hosts a range of interesting discussions. 

2 Leadership2020

The Leadership2020 podcast, hosted by Clare Carpenter, an expert in HR and recruitment, examines in detail the need for changing leadership in a changing world.

Like most podcast hosts, Clare delves deep into the issues around leadership and business with some of the biggest names in business and recruitment. 2020 is turning into a turbulent year for all kinds of reasons and now, more than ever, leaders need to step up their game.

3 Entrepreneurs on Fire

An American based podcast, the content of Entrepreneurs on Fire means that there is something for everyone, no matter what industry or sector you work in.

As both leader and entrepreneur, there will be hard failures and wonderful opportunities and successes. But as a leader, you’ll need to utilise and optimise both. This is essentially the crux of this podcast and one that also provides daily business updates that are interesting too.

4 The Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast my not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you believe in the underlying principals of military leadership being useful in the business field, then there is some interesting content for you here. 

Straightforward and non-fussy, you would expect that the surprisingly direct interview style of the podcast host John Willink would put people off opening up. However, you’ll find they respond with the same direct appeal, a great way to pull out the principles and ethics of their leadership qualities.

5 Engaging Leader

All these podcasts are built around their own take and premise on leadership and the qualities people need to develop to become an effective forward-mover in any industry. The Engaging Leader podcast is all about using connections and engaging relationships to get the best out of people, all with the drive of making a bigger and better impact. 

Again, its programmes boast a range of fantastic interviews with previous casts littered with interesting discussions. 

Podcasts are fantastic for delving into subject areas and matters, leadership included, that you wouldn’t normally come across. And these five podcasts are just a handful that you’ll find useful.

7 Minute Workout – Really?

If you are reading this review, chances are you are either a 7 Minute Workout rep or you are looking at whether this is the right business opportunity for you.  Finding the right business opportunity can certainly be stressful and I commend you for doing your due diligence.

Let me first start out by saying that I am neither an affiliate or a customer for this company.  My goal is to provide an unbiased, third-party review of the organization, products and compensation plan so that you can make an informed decision on whether the 7 Minute Workout business opportunity is right for you.

In addition to reviewing this opportunity I will also provide some information at the end of this review that will explain how the most successful 7 Minute Workout reps are building very large organizations using the power of the internet.

The 7 Minute Workout Organization and Products

Co-founded by Joel Therien and Chris Reid, 7 Minute Workout launched in June of 2011.  They have created a fitness program that is suitable for individuals of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. The program is sold by the companies affiliates using the direct sales model and multi-tier system.

As the name of the business would imply, the product is a workout regimen that is to be completed 2-3 times per week at 7 minute intervals.  Customers that use the program have access to an online tracking system for their weight, body measurements and a social media system that is focused on health and wellness.

Customers can join the program for $24.97 per month (very reasonable in my opinion).  For the cost of 5 Big Macs you can spend 7 minutes a day working out instead of eating; brilliant!

The company stands behind their product by guaranteeing that their system will get individuals into the best shape of their life if they just workout for just 7 minutes, 3 times per week.  They offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.  They do have some incredible testimonials of individuals with almost unbelievable results.

Show Me the Money!

Always the highlight (and most read) section of all my reviews a look at the 7 Minute Workout compensation plan.

As an affiliate for the company and in order to earn commissions on sales and referrals you need to pay a one-time fee of $149.97 plus maintain the $24.97 per month membership fee.

The company uses a binary multi-tier compensation plan and affiliates are paid for both personal referrals and the referrals in their downline.  They do offer a “fast start” bonus and team cycle bonuses that are paid on a 4/2 split.

Should You Join As an Affiliate?

This is certainly the million-dollar question now isn’t it (no pun intended)?   After reviewing the 7 Minute Workout organization it is clear that they have an amazing product that is getting results. My only question is can I do it in the shower?  This is the only time in the day that I have 7 minutes.

I would be a little hesitant to recommend this company but the 30-day money back guarantee certainly gives me a little more confidence.  I will certainly be keeping an eye on this company as the months go by to see if their business plan is sustainable in this very competitive niche.  Fortunately, the company is tapping into a resource that we all lack; time!

Although the 7 Minute Workout affiliate opportunity does look very viable business, reps should not expect success overnight.  The reps that tap into the power of the internet are going to be the most successful.  The affiliates that grasp the philosophy of attraction marketing and use an online marketing system to drive their business will quickly rise as leaders in the organization.