Training for Small Businesses

The Importance of Training

The majority of small businesses (95%) fail because the owners do not have the proper Training.  After they start their company the first thing they try to do is sell their product or service to friends and family.

But this is basing success on a limited supply of referrals – setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. Yet the step beyond that into the world of networking is far from guaranteed to succes either. After all everyone at networking events has something to sell. What you really want to attract are targetted buyers who will approach you. That’s where online marketing comes in to play – a technique that has seen training providers such as Parallel Project Training achieve such great success.

Unfortunately, this type of “marketing” will only work for so long.  The referral list will soon dry up and then the person is left with a crushed dream and mis-understanding of how marketing works.  One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is not learning how to properly market themselves and not their opportunity.

If you are planning on building a successful business you need to study and learn about building relationships.  After you have a clear understanding of how this philosophy works you need to train your employees.

Training and The Relationship Funnel Outlined

Instead of harassing your friends and family members wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had targeted qualified leads contacting you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to receive 50-100 leads in your email inbox every single week?

Would your business change if you had this amount of leads coming in each and every week?  I bet you didn’t expect that leads could be contacting you.

The entire relationship funnel can be defined as such:  a philosophy and methodology that is used to drive targeted traffic to a capture page on your website where you gather leads.  You then build a relationship with these leads with follow up emails and phone calls.

You provide these leads with a lot of value on your blog, Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc.  You DO NOT discuss your opportunity with these leads until they ask you about your business.

Step 1 in the relationship funnel is to target the market that you are going after.  You do not want people that are interested in “cake decorating” coming to your blog about network marketing.  You can use a variety of methods to drive targeted traffic towards your blog including paid advertising, content marketing, social media and SEO.  The goal is to send this traffic to a lead capture page where you gather their name, email address and phone number.

Step 2 involves capturing their information.  You want to offer something of value in return for their information (name and email).  The offer could include free training, ebook etc.

Step 3 involves setting up an email autoresponder.  There are plenty of great email autoresponders that you can use.  Once you capture a lead, send an automated response with a welcome message that you have created.

Step 4 is probably the most critical step in the relationship funnel and should be a large part of your focus.  You now need to focus on building a relationship.  People trust those that they know and those that are leaders

Step 5 – You need to provide a tremendous amount of value to your list of individuals that you build and you will begin to see a paradigm shift.  They will start to ask YOU about your opportunity.  You can provide value through platforms such as your blog, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.


If you want to grow your business in the 21st Century you definitely need to be using the relationship funnel to build and grow your business.  Use the steps outlined above and implement them into your business today.

So, remember start finding targeted leads and leave your friends and family members alone!

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