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The Secret To Successful Marketing

The Secret to Successful Marketing

Whether you are new to online marketing or having been in the industry for several years you have probably struggled at some point.  The number one reason why most individuals fail is because they do not know how to properly market their business. But get that right and the sky if the limit. Take, for instance, the project management training company Parallel Project Training – with astute business development leadership and a dedicated digital marketing company on board, they have grown ten-fold in just a few short years. Their success has been based on a highly active online presence – on their own blog and on other reputable blogs, on social media, on YouTube with their videos and on iTunes with their lively podcasts.

The majority of marketers are still using old school methods to try and grow their business.  This includes face to facenetworking events to build a list of contacts.  If you want to be successful in any industry you need to rethink your approach and adapt to new ways of doing business and marketing.  The secret to successful marketing in the 21st century is adjusting your way of thinking to match the social networking world.

Adjusting Your Mindset

As with any industry in this world, you need to adjust your marketing and mindset to keep up with the times.  The main reason why people fail in business is because they are trying to use the techniques from 10-20 years ago.  Sure, these techniques can still be used to build a business but you are going to have a very difficult time growing that business and who wants a business that is just ticking over?

You need to adjust your way of thinking.   Sorry to burst your bubble but, unlike using an SEO consultant, good ol-fashioned networking just doesn’t cut it anymore.  The people who attend those events don’t care about your product or service because they are probably only there to sell their own product or service.  Honestly, you will make little progress if you keep marketing your business this way.  In fact, one of my close friends tried this approach on Facebook and her friend count dropped dramatically because of it.

In order to build a successful business you need to be there to assist with people’s problems.  Be a genuine individual that truly cares about helping people.  This strategy applies to both online and offline marketing.  If you think your company sponsored website is going to make you millions you are sadly mistaken.  You need to have a blog or a website that helps people solve their problems.  Help them find answers to what they are searching for.  In addition, you need to be there for your friends and family members during these tough economic times.  You will be amazed at how many people will ask YOU about your business if they see that you are successful and you are not shoving it down their throats.

Are you passionate about your company and the product or service that you offer?  Would you purchase that product if you were not a distributor?  Once you build trust with your prospects and they start asking you about your business you need to make sure that you are passionate about your company and the product that you offer.  If you have a bad product or a sub-par company it is going to be difficult promoting your opportunity – even after they approach you!

Once you have a company and a product that you honestly believe in you should have no problem building a thriving business if you apply the philosophy above.  Simply put your need to build trust and be a leader ahead of trying to sell a product or service and you will be successful. Good Luck!

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