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How to choose a mentor when starting a business

When you choose a mentor, it can be something that can help you make a real success of your business. There are a number of challenges that entrepreneurs face on a daily or even hourly basis. These opportunities and threats that they face each day can have a real impact on the future of their business.  This is just one of the reasons why developing a relationship with those who have already been through this is vital if a new business wants to have the best chance of navigating the difficult roads that might be ahead of them. A mentor can also help by providing essential networking opportunities for their mentee within the relevant industry and has the potential to tip the scales in favour of success. 

What qualities should your mentor have?

Good qualities to look out for in a mentor include a passion for the industry, active listening skills, honesty, empathy and a dedication to learning. The relationship of mentoring is all about giving back and then paying forward. Mentoring should be mutually beneficial, with both mentee and mentor bringing something to the table. 

For some mentors, the idea of offering a new perspective on something in addition to making future business connections is the motivation for mentoring, whilst for a mentee having support and gaining experience are the main reasons to look for a mentor. For these reasons, it can be a good idea to choose a mentor who has a simillar work style. This will make the partnership more beneficial for both parties. 

A good mentor is one who will challenge and motivate whilst still allowing their mentee to make their own decisions and mistakes along the way. 

How can you find a mentor?

Finding a mentor may happen by chance, but it can also occur systematically. The best way to find a good mentor is to consider what your immediate and long-term goals are and makes sure you are visible in circles where you should meet the type of person who will help you to achieve this. This might be through conferences, tradeshows or even word of mouth. There are also professional mentoring services that can assist you. 

Potential mentors are everywhere, and you may find the perfect mentor for your business just about anywhere. Keep your mind and your eyes open to the potential, and you may even find them whilst going about your daily routine. 

Many mentors are incredibly active people both in the office and out of it and often give back to their communities

The relationship with a mentor is one of the most beneficial and important ones that can exist for any aspiring entrepreneur. Whilst finding a business mentor can be a challenge, if you approach the process with an open mind and some creativity, you can significantly improve any chances of finding the right mentorship that will help you and your business.

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