A rewarding career as a live-in carer

Considering a more rewarding career? Here’s why a live in carer position could be perfect for you!

A career in care is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. The feeling you get helping others every day is like no other and there are no two days the same when you work in care.

You may not have considered a career as a live-in carer as it is not the most obvious type of care but it can have a range of benefits when compared to nursing home carers. Both careers are rewarding but being a live-in carer has slightly more advantages for both you and the person you would be caring for.

The personal touch

As a live-in carer you are in the position to create a unique relationship with the person you are providing care for. Living with someone gives you the opportunity to really get to know them and as a live-in carer you will have the chance to truly become a part of someone’s life. You will learn all there is to know about them so that you can have a meaningful connection and you are in the best position to provide carer for that person should they begin to deteriorate. You will also get to know the family of the person you are caring for in order to get a fully rounded view of your client.

Making a difference

Often, having full time live-in care can mean that an older person can stay at home with their family instead of going into residential care. This can mean the world to an older person and their family who all want to stay together. As a live-in carer you can be this difference and allow a family to stay together for as long as possible. There is no other feeling like this and knowing you are having such a huge positive impact is incredibly rewarding.

As a live in carer you may also find that the person you have the biggest impact on is the spouse of family member who has been shouldering the responsibility of sole carer for the client. Caring for a loved one is a 24/7 job and comes with a range of responsibilities all of which you can relieve as a live-in carer when you take over this burden- allowing the family member to go back to enjoying spending time with their loved on.

Giving something back

As a society we owe a lot to our older generations who have paved the way for our way of life. Often older people feel they are forgotten or left behind but a if you look for home care jobs, it helps you to give back to our older generation and show they are still very much appreciated. Older people have much to teach us and as a live-in carer you will be in the ideal situation to learn from your client at the same time as giving something back to someone who has worked hard all their life and now needs a bit of help to enjoy their old age.

There is no more rewarding job than one in which you care for others and as a carer delivering in home care you will be able to dedicate most of your time caring for someone who now needs a bit more support to also enjoy life.

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