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beach-family-200hBecome an Entrepreneur – Take Back Your Life!

I always get a good laugh when I start to talk to someone who thinks they know about starting up their own business and what the key elements of a basic business plan are.  Running your own business is all just hard work and no free time - isn't it? And no business ever works out how it's described on the business plan. When someone says that I don’t get upset or mad.  In fact, I get excited because it gives me a chance to educate someone on an approach that has completely changed my life!

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5 Marketing Tips That Will Transform Your Business

Chances are in the current world economy that you are struggling to build a successful business.  95% of the people who start small businesses fail.  It’s unfortunate, but I blame a large portion of this on the lack of proper knowledge and training.  I was close to finding myself as a part of this 95% but then I stumbled across online marketing and that has completely transformed my business.

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Do you own your own life or does your employer own your life?  It took me almost 32 years to realize that I did not own my own life.  Last June, I found myself lying in a hospital bed after having a mini-stroke.  I was only 31 years old, I was not supposed to be laying on my death bed. But that's when I decided enough was enough I was going to take back control by starting a business - giving me time to be with my family and look after my health.

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Are You Struggling To Generate Leads or Make Income Online? Well, don't EVER Give Up On Your Dreams!

Why start a business?  What are the top ten reasons why you started your own business? People ask me this question all of the time and for me it is very easy to answer. However, the order of importance has certainly changed since I started my first online business 9 years ago. If you would have asked me this question when I first started my entrepreneurial adventure my first response would have been money.