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If you have been living in a cave recently you probably didn’t hear about online marketing. Businesses are flocking to use it in droves.  The momentum that it has created is unlike anything that has ever been seen in any industry before. Online success now underpins business success - even for bricks and mortar businesses a top onlinne presence is essential to attract new customers and clients and to become a successful business.

Getting a website created and then ranked in the search engines feels like a modern day gold rush.   One of my absolute favorite shows on TV is called Gold Rush.  This reality tv show is on the Discovery Channel and the storyline follows 6 men from Oregon who go to Alaska to prospect for Gold.  After watching the season opener last night I had to write a blog post about the comparisons that I saw between Digital Marketing and Discoveries Gold Rush.

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It is no secret that the majority of those people who try to start their own business fail to achieve success. Running your own business is much more difficult than simply turning up each day to your corporate job  but the rewards can be much more lucrative once you find success. A lot of people have found success running a small business. If they can, there is no reason why you can’t achieve success as well. Below are the things that you need to increase your chances of finding profitability in your small business. If you have all these, there is nothing to stop you from achieving the success you have always been dreaming of.

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David Wood – A Madman or a Genius?

There is a network marketing storm that is currently sweeping across the world.  This storm is not a company, industry or a product.  This hurricane is being produced by one individual; David Wood.  I must have been sleeping in a cave for the past few years because it was not until about 2 months ago that I stumbled across David’s blog.  Honestly, when I first saw this long haired dude I didn’t know what to think!  He was loud, obnoxious and talked way too fast for my liking.  How in the hell was his Alexa score under 10,000?

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MLM Training

People start their own companies, such as an SEO consultancy, because they see the big picture and they have a dream of achieving success.  Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals are looking for a handout and do not understand that building a successful business takes effort.  As with anything else in life worth achieving, you need to work incredibly hard if you want to see results.

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New Milestone in My Path to Business Success!

As I was sitting in my home office this morning sipping on my morning coffee and thinking about how I could become more productive, I opened up my laptop and to my surprise I had reached a new milestone; my 500th client!  What an amazing feeling to finally start seeing some results in my business.