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David Wood – A Madman or a Genius?

There is a network marketing storm that is currently sweeping across the world.  This storm is not a company, industry or a product.  This hurricane is being produced by one individual; David Wood.  I must have been sleeping in a cave for the past few years because it was not until about 2 months ago that I stumbled across David’s blog.  Honestly, when I first saw this long haired dude I didn’t know what to think!  He was loud, obnoxious and talked way too fast for my liking.  How in the hell was his Alexa score under 10,000?

Who is David Wood?

On one particular afternoon a few months back I somehow managed to find myself on the front page of David Wood‘s blog.  I honestly do not remember how I found his blog but I am glad that I did!  Fours hours later I was completely hypnotized and blown away at David’s Wood network marketing story. 

As with the majority of network marketers David struggled in the beginning to build a successful business.  David started out in Amway and after falling flat on his face a number of times he ventured into several other network marketing businesses.  While David was living with his wife in a green van in Hawaii he borrowed some money from his mom so that he could buy a laptop.  It was this exact moment that one of the best internet marketers that this decade has ever seen was introduced to the internet.

David started applying attraction marketing techniques to his business and through article marketing he built an online marketing empire.  In 2010 he ranked as the number 1 recruiter in My Lead System Pro and the #1 recruiter in his primary business.  He now lives with his beautiful wife in the hills of Costa Rica where he continues to make an incredible network marketing living.

David has produced several of his own products including the best selling Perpetual Funnel System.  Out of curiosity, I purchased the perpetual funnel system and it was during this training that I realized why David Wood is so successful.

David Wood – A Giving Individual

David Wood is successful because he genuinely cares about people.  He gives more than he ever expects in return.  This is most apparent in David Wood newest adventure; The Empower Network.  David partnered with David Sharpe (another successful network marketer) to create The Empower Network which launched in late-October, 2011.

The Empower Network offers it’s affiliates 100% commissions.  Yes, you read that right, 100% commissions.  What is the product?  Soap, juice, coins???  Nope.  It is a complete blogging and marketing system that anyone can use to blog about whatever they so please.  It is $25 per month to use the blogging platform.

My Biggest Take-Away From David Wood

I can honestly say that I look up to David as a mentor.  His passion, love and desire to help others is not typically found in this industry.  My biggest take-away from David is that you can NEVER provide enough value to your readers and followers.  Provide value and help others – it’s a simple plan that has made David one of the most successful internet and network marketers in recent times.