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beach-family-200hBecome an Entrepreneur – Take Back Your Life!

I always get a good laugh when I start to talk to someone who thinks they know about starting up their own business and what the key elements of a basic business plan are.  Running your own business is all just hard work and no free time - isn't it? And no business ever works out how it's described on the business plan. When someone says that I don’t get upset or mad.  In fact, I get excited because it gives me a chance to educate someone on an approach that has completely changed my life!

My Life Before Owning my own Business

As soon as the word “entrepreneur” comes out of someones mouth the first thing I say is, “Who makes the most money at the company you work at?”  Without hesitation the person always responds with, “The CEO (or owner)!”  I then proceed to ask them to explain the chain of command and how they are compensated.  As they work their way through the corporate ladder they inevitably start to realize that they are stuck at the bottom of a pyramid!

I myself was once stuck in the corporate world.  Fortunately for me, I found myself with a very entrepreneurial company that allowed me to be very creative and to think “outside of the box.”  Unfortunately for me, I found myself laying in a hospital bed after having a mini-stroke at the age of 31 after my body shut down from too much stress.

For four years I worked 65+ hours a week for a paycheck.  During this time, I completely neglected my family, my friends and my health.  I was living to work and not working to live.  It took a near death experience for me to realize that there is more to life than a big job title!

It was during my stay in the hospital that I determined that it was finally time to take back my life.  I have always been an entrepreneur and I knew that owning my own business was the only way that I would be happy in life.  Not only that, I wanted my wife to love me again and my children to have their daddy back.  It was time for me to adventure back into being a small business owner.

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A New Philosophy and Methodology

If you are currently struggling to build a business you are almost certainly doing it wrong.  Let me guess…you are trying to convince people you already know to buy your product or service?  I hate to break this news to you but you only have so many contacts.  What are you going to do when your warm market dries up?

After getting out of the hospital I stumbled across a new philosophy and methodology for building a business.  I studied these methods day and night for several months and I started applying them to my own business.  Here we are just weeks away from a new year and I can thankfully say that my organization is close to employing 20 individuals!

There are no more excuses as to why you cannot take back your life if you know how to properly market your business online.  Learn about online marketing and take back your life!  You owe it to yourself and to your family!