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Are You Struggling To Generate Leads or Make Income Online? Well, don't EVER Give Up On Your Dreams!

Why start a business?  What are the top ten reasons why you started your own business? People ask me this question all of the time and for me it is very easy to answer. However, the order of importance has certainly changed since I started my first online business 9 years ago. If you would have asked me this question when I first started my entrepreneurial adventure my first response would have been money.

So, Why Start a Business?

Today, my top ten list is as follows (from least to most important):

  • I do not have to work to build up “vacation hours.” I take vacation when I want to take vacation
  • To remove myself from the political nonsense and negative people
  • I have incredible tax incentives by owning my own business
  • Control of my own financial destiny
  • I do not have to fear being fired or laid off
  • Unlimited financial upside – there is no ceiling
  • I can motivate and help others with their home businesses
  • Freedom to work when, where and how I want
  • Reduced stress and better health
  • Allows me to be home with my family

Why Start a Business?  Personal Health!

Since leaving my job in early September of 2011, my stress levels are incredibly low.  After having my mini-stroke (at 31 years old), I knew that it was time to hang up my corporate hat.  So why start a business?  For one, my wife and I are back to being best friends and I have a “family” again.  If you are currently neglecting your marriage, health or family because of your job you really need to assess your situation and remember that J.O.B.’s will come and go.  Your marriage, family, friends and health do not come and go.  Once you lose them, it is incredibly difficult to get them back.

Why start a business?  So that you can have your life back!