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Do you own your own life or does your employer own your life?  It took me almost 32 years to realize that I did not own my own life.  Last June, I found myself lying in a hospital bed after having a mini-stroke.  I was only 31 years old, I was not supposed to be laying on my death bed. But that's when I decided enough was enough I was going to take back control by starting a business - giving me time to be with my family and look after my health.

You Need to Own Your Own Life Before It’s Too Late

In September of 2007 I was offered a sales position at a small company in Fort Collins, CO.  At that time, there were only 30 employees and I was incredibly excited about joining an entrepreneurial company with such an amazing culture.  In the beginning we went through a tremendous amount of struggles.  I can remember a lot of tears and a lot of late nights just trying to make one last sale before the end of the month.  Honestly, I have never worked with such amazing people that were so dedicated and passionate about growing a company and building relationships.

By mid-2011, the company had grown to over 350 employees with offices in Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia.  We had accomplished something in 4 years that was unimaginable and had only been seen a handful of times throughout history.  By 2011, we had become one of the fastest growing companies in America. It is inevitable that a company that grows that fast much go through a lot of change.  As new leadership was introduced throughout the company several of the changes started to effect some of the “older employees.” One by one, I started to watch my best friends get laid off for a number of different reasons.  These were the people that were in the trenches with me in the very beginning.  These were the people that worked countless hours each and every week so that we could keep the lights on.  Slowly, my passion and excitement for my J.O.B. were beginning to fade away.  I had given 4 years of my life to a company.  Do you own your own life or do you work for someone else?

The Dangers of Stress – Can Easily Happen if you Don’t Own Your Own Life!


In addition to my works struggles, my father informed me that he had been diagnosed with cancer. I was absolutely crushed! I felt like life was caving in on me.  A few months after later, my wife told me that she was no longer in love with me.  WHAT?  I spent several nights crying on my back patio and I can vaguely remember looking up at the stars and more than one occasion asking the question, “why me?”

I had to come to realization that over the past 4 years of our life I had been non-existent.   Not only was I working 65+ hours at a job, I was also trying to build an online business of my own.  Physically I was here but mentally I was not.  I neglected my family, friends, marriage and health.  I have two beautiful children and on several occasions I can remember putting work before them.  I can clearly remember my wife telling me, “You do not own your own life!”  Are you in a similar situation?  If so, you do not own your own life either!  You probably don’t realize now, but with time you will understand exactly why.

After several lengthy discussions with my wife and several of my mentors, I agreed to quit working so much and to focus more on the family. Physically, I was still smiling and pretending to be happy but mentally I was completely checked out.  I had become incredibly depressed and all of my close friends were concerned for my well-being.  My life was in complete disarray and I didn’t know how to fix it.  Several of my mentors recommend one thing; “Its time to own your own life!”

At the height of my depression my wife and I were out at a restaurant eating diner.  The lights above us started to flicker.  At first, I didn’t think anything of it.  It was not until my vision went completely blurry that I realized that I was in trouble.  I stood up and my entire left side went numb.  She called 911 and the ambulance arrived.  My body had finally given up; I had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) also known as a mini-stroke.

As I lay in the hospital bed, my son came over and asks me, “daddy, are you going to die.”  It was at this moment that I realized that there is more to life than work.  Do you work to live or live or work?  What about own your own life?  I asked myself one simple question.  “Why do I exist?”  I exist to help others define and build their success by coaching them through their fears and giving them the tools to succeed.

Turning a page in the Book of Life

On September 2nd, 2011 I cordially removed myself from Corporate America.  I am now a full time Internet Marketer with one goal in life; to positively influence and help as many people as I can.  I designed this blog to show others that starting your own home business is very possible.

This blog is my gift to the world. If you do currently own your own life this is my gift to you.  It is my gift to those that are struggling to make ends meet.  It is my gift to those that need to start their own business because the recession has left them jobless.  It is my gift to those that are currently neglecting their family, friends and health because they are stuck in Corporate America.  Time to own your own life and get into the right mindset for success!

Good bye corporate America.  Hello life!